About us


LARS LARSEN GROUP is named after Lars Larsen, who was the founder of JYSK and a well-known tradesman in Denmark.

The success of JYSK has formed the foundation of LARS LARSEN GROUP, which is active within a number of business areas including furniture, golf equipment, restaurants, hotels and a number of other activities.

The companies that make up LARS LARSEN GROUP have a combined turnover of approximately EUR 4.25 billion annually.

The biggest part of the earnings derive from JYSK, which has a turnover of EUR 4.1 billion. The story of LARS LARSEN GROUP begins with the opening of the first JYSK store in 1979.


The Founder

The story begins with an energetic young man from Jutland, Denmark who possessed an outstanding talent for business – Lars Larsen. After completing his apprenticeship in a manufacturing company and later in a home furnishing store, Lars Larsen decided to open a chain of bedding stores. The essential objective was to provide all customers with a great offer. 

He started out with very limited funds, but he had many great ideas. With a seemingly endless supply of energy and drive, he managed to find a bank and a supplier with the courage to take a gamble on his idea, despite the fact that no one knew the name Lars Larsen at the time.



The first JYSK store opened on 2 April 1979 in Aarhus, Denmark – and the original location is still open to this day. From the very beginning, Larsen was determined to open an entire chain of retail stores and his dream was to see JYSK as the world’s most widespread and profitable chain of stores. 

Therefore, expansion has always been part of JYSK's DNA and JYSK continues to open new stores across the world. 


The Tradesman

Business acumen, trustworthiness, and a great offer have always been the cornerstones of Lars Larsen's accomplishments. That is why Larsen's official title was that of Tradesman.



Based on the success of JYSK, LARS LARSEN GROUP has expanded to cover a number of different business areas. 

Lars Larsen’s appetite for growth and a willingness to try new ideas never declined, and as a result, LARS LARSEN GROUP has either bought a large part of or invested heavily in a number of different companies. The companies have very different areas of business - from golf equipment to restaurants and garden furniture. 


Lars Larsen Group Whistleblowing service

Lars Larsen Group have a shared Whistleblowing service. We strive to maintain a transparent business environment and high business ethics. The Whistleblowing service should be seen as a supplement to the dialogue and openness that we greatly value in Lars Larsen Group.

The whistleblowing service can be used to report a concern of suspected violations of the Lars Larsen Group Employee Code of Conduct, criminal acts, other serious matters that can have a serious effect on the company and its reputation, as well as matters that may have a significant impact on a person's life or health.

Reports that are filed through the Whistleblowing service may concern only employees within Lars Larsen Group as well as others acting directly on behalf of Lars Larsen Group.

To enter the Whistleblowing service, use below link.

If your report concerns a suspicion of misconduct related to our business activities is Russia, please use this link.