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Business Areas

Besides our main asset JYSK, Lars Larsen Group owns companies within furniture, golf cars, restaurants, hotels and is an active investor in equities, funds and real estate. The Group employs about 37,000 people in more than 50 countries.

" We are working from the core principles of responsibility, partnership and long-term value creation "



Through our investment activities, we seek to secure a sound financial foundation to support our owners and group companies while making a positive impact on society.

We categorise our investments as either Core investments or Impact investments:

  - The main objective of Core investments is to generate attractive risk-adjusted
    returns while investing responsibly.

  - The main objective of Impact investments is to support the world in reaching the
    global SDGs.



Core investments

Impact investments


The investment activities are guided by the ambition and values of Lars Larsen Group - just like all other activities. Moreover, we have defined three core principles for our investments:



We focus on long-term value creation and we don’t take short-term speculative bets.


We are an active and responsible owner with an aspiration to leave a positive impact on society.


We succeed through partnerships, which we build for the long-term, based on trust and mutual respect.


Like many other investors, our returns are highly correlated with the equity market, which has been favourable in FY21. With that in mind, we are satisfied with the returns achieved but more importantly by the fact that we have been able to mobilise our investment activities efficiently and execute on our new strategy. However, our long-term objectives remain more important than short-term results, and we keep focusing on making the right long-term investments and with a desire to leave a positive impact on society.


The investment areas in Lars Larsen Group include fixed income, listed equities, minority investments, real estate, private equity funds and infrastructure funds across which we allocate our capital to create an attractive and well-diversified portfolio. Majority investments are placed under Lars Larsen Group companies.



Real estate Minority investments Fixed income DKK 19b AUM Listed equities Private equity funds Other Infrastructure funds
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  • Founded in 1963 as "Schou hardware"
  • Schou is Scandinavia's largest wholesale company for non-food products
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  • Founded in 2008. Specialised in architectural lighting design and providing smart-home technology
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  • Founded in 2006 with the ambition of taking Danish design brands global
  • Today, Design Collection Denmark owns Ro Collection and distributes various Danish brands, among others B&O
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  • Founded in 1986 as an independent asset manager
  • The concept has proven successful for more than 30 years
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  • Lars Larsen Groups real estate investments are mainly focused in Denmark
  • The property portfolio consists of retail, logistics, office buildings and residential properties
  • As real estate investor, Lars Larsen Group is taking part in developing commercial as well as residential properties
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  • Vision Properties is a real estate developer
  • Together with Copi A/S, Vision Properties owns Vision Ejendomme

Real Estate

Lars Larsen Group is an ambitious real estate investor and developer.

" The name Lars Larsen has a long history in real estate, since our founder started to get involved in the real estate market soon after his foundation of JYSK in 1979. "

Our focus areas

Initially, Lars Larsen focused mainly on retail properties – his main interest always being whether the investment represented a good deal.

Since 2015, the Group’s real estate investment strategy has been to branch out into other real estate areas and focus investment on fewer but larger properties. As a result, the Group today has a DKK 6 billion property portfolio.

The group’s real estate investments has mainly been focused on Denmark, but in the spirit of Lars Larsen we are always open to interesting opportunities elsewhere.


Ambitious investor

Lars Larsen Group is a highly ambitious real estate investor in Denmark and abroad. Our investments span from retail – which is where it all began – to logistics/storage, office buildings and residential properties.


Property developer

As developers we work from our company value of tradesmanship and focus on developing commercial and residential properties when doing so makes sound financial sense for the group and its subsidiaries.


Rental and leasing

The vast majority of the properties in our large, mixed property portfolio are offered for rent or lease. Our rental properties in Denmark are managed by Vision Ejendomme.