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Lars Larsen Group App Tutorial

Installation guide for Android

Step 1


Once the app is installed on your device you will be prompted with the welcome screen that contains the login fields. You will have to select the company and fill in your employee number and password. Your initial password has the following pattern:

Country code + Company code + First two letters of your first name + Employee number.

For example a fictional employee working for company Jysk, named Christine McConnell, living in Denmark, with the employee number 123456 would have the following initial password: 10011Ch123456.

Picture Picture

Step 2


After a successful login, if you have not set an email for your account before, you will be required to set one. This is required for account administration purposes like password recovery/change. When you fill in your email address and press the verify button, you will receive an email with a verification link.

Step 3


In this step, the app is waiting for email verification. To accomplish this, you have to tap on the "Verify Email" button from the received verification email.

Step 4


When the email has been verified, the app will automatically present a confirmation screen that will allow you to continue with the initial app setup.

Step 5


In this step, you are required to set a PIN code for easier access in the app. The PIN code is made up of 4 digits. You can also toggle on the use of biometrics if your device has this capability.

Step 6


The last step is to setup a profile picture. To do this, you have to press on the "Add picture" button and take the picture. Once this is done, press on the "Continue" button and you should have access to the home screen of the app.

New password: Step 1


If you forget your password or you want to change your password, you can press on the "Forgot password" button from the welcome screen, select your company from the dropdown, fill in your employee number and press on the "Send" button. This will send you an email containing a validation code that is required in the next screen to change your password. Please note that the password change functionality will work only after you have associated an email address with your account.

New password: Step 2


On this screen, you will have to fill in the validation code you have just received and the new password. After pressing on the "Send" button, if the provided credentials are correct, your password will be changed to the new one.

App permissions


The first time you reach the home screen on an Android device, you will be required to give the app permission to access the photos and media. This is mandatory and it is required for screenshot detection purposes.