SengeSpecialisten is a Danish retail chain that sells top-quality brands within beds and bed accessories. The concept of SengeSpecialisten is to mix top quality products with professional guidance at a high level to ensure great sleep for the customers.

The customer is always the centre of attention, since SengeSpecialisten knows from experience that a successful bed purchase is an individual process. Therefore it is essential to have a specialist ready to guide and advise customers in order for them to make the right choice. The mission is clear:

SengeSpecialisten is specialized in meeting the customers’ need and assistance with high-end beds


Part of Lars Larsen Group since 2014

The growth strategy was effectively strengthened when Lars Larsen Group bought the majority of shares in SengeSpecialisten in late 2014. The partnership between Lars Larsen Group and SengeSpecialisten represents a financial consolidation that will ensure the growth of the company for many years to come.

Today, SengeSpecialisten is a nationwide chain. The development has taken less than 20 years, so a lot has happened since entrepreneur and current HR & Expansion Director, Jørgen Bebe Staal, founded the first store in Aarhus in 1999.

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Founder and CEO

Founder and HR & Expansion Director
Jørgen Bebe Staal
Deputy CEO
Hanne Bang Vorre