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No one sounds like Bolia

October 2020

No one sounds like Bolia

When entering a Bolia store, all senses are put into play. A carefully orchestrated composition of customized scents, distinct designs and music creates an on-brand experience with a distinct feel of 'Bolia'.


All the way from the stores to the CEO's office, music plays an important role. Music sets the scene in stores. It provides inspiration for designs and collections. Also, it is a passion of Lars Lyse, CEO at Bolia, who occasionally produces mixtapes for Bolia. Since he began DJ'ing during his studies, electronic music has been on his repertoire. Nowadays, a music studio at home frames the production and mixing of more than 10 mixtapes for Bolia.

Lars Lyse's mixtapes are available on SoundCloud in the playlist 'Mixtapes from the CEO vault'. They are a part of Bolia's musical universe, which comprises of mixtapes on SoundCloud, Spotify playlists and collaborations with upcoming as well as established artists on the electronic music stage.