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About teaching Austrians JYSK

October 2020

About teaching Austrians JYSK

In 2019, the preliminary steps were taken to convert Dänisches Bettenlager to JYSK in Austria. More than 160 touchpoints showing the Dänisches Bettenlager name and logo were identified. 87 stores needed everything from a new store front to new receipt paper. Even the assortment has changed. A project plan involving stakeholders in Marketing, E-business, Sales, Purchasing, Retail Development, Country Management and, of course, the Austrian stores, was put into play in order to reach the ambitious goal of teaching Austrians JYSK.


While JYSK may be well-known to customers in many European countries, this is not the case in Austria yet. Switching from a successful brand name with high brand awareness to one with practically zero brand awareness in Austria is not an easy task. However, it has been done with success before when Jysk Sengetøjslager and Norsk Sengetøyslager changed to JYSK in Denmark and Norway respectively. "JYSK stands for Scandinavian sleeping and living. Using a brand name that does not refer to products for sleeping specifically, such as 'Sengetøjslager' or 'Bettenlager' opens the potential of our brand. The name change is about adding on to a success story not only with the brand name but also with ongoing additions to the assortment.", says Michael Gade, Marketing Director at JYSK. Once the 87 stores carry the JYSK logo, the increased visibility of the JYSK logo will help lift brand awareness through existing traffic in stores and exposure of the new logo to both loyal and new customers.

On top of campaign papers as well as TV and digital campaigns, JYSK even went onto the streets of Vienna for some on-camera language lessons with potential customers to help the Austrians pronounce the Danish-sounding 'JYSK' correctly.

Dänisches Bettenlager officially changed name to JYSK in Austria 1 October 2020. Two months after the re-branding the name change, brand awareness had increased from 0 to 53%.