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B2B – as seen on TV

December 2020

B2B – as seen on TV

With help from the Business to Business department, JYSK products are now entering show-business in Finland. In the comedy-drama show 'Ex-Onnelliset' ('Living with my Ex'), JYSK products help set the scene for the meeting between different family constellations and life situations in the show's season 3 and 4. Season 1 and 2 of the popular show reached almost one million viewers per week at the Finnish TV-channel MTV3. Season 3 and 4 aired in autumn 2020.


For the production company, Dionysos Films, one of the reasons for choosing JYSK B2B as their props supplier for the TV show, was the diversity in the assortment which complemented the different homes of the families on the show well. Rene Hartung, Head of Business to Business at JYSK says: "The almost 3,000 JYSK stores around the world function as showrooms for JYSK B2B. The stores are a great way to introduce potential business partners within a wide range of industries to the products that JYSK B2B have to offer. The case with props from JYSK in the Finnish TV show demonstrates that JYSK B2B offers much more than decorating office facilities or hotels.".The practicalities around props for 'Living with my Ex' were facilitated by the B2B department at JYSK Finland's head office.

Growing and expanding the B2B area is part of the JYSK strategy. B2B is already established in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Polen, Croatia, Germany and, of course, Finland. In 2021, B2B opens in Romania, Greece, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.