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Best results ever. Again.

March 2021

Best results ever. Again.

Just like a young athlete does not retire after having won the first championship, several record-breaking annual results have not inspired JYSK to sleep in. On the contrary, achieving the best year ever several years in a row requires on a strong strategic focus and an unbeatable growth mindset. Opening with the question "How do you improve on your best results ever?", a video released in March 2021 provides insight into some of the work behind the impressive results.

"Our founder, Lars Larsen, created the foundation for a strong and long-lasting business with a small store concept, a focus on the right products at the right prices and a certain willingness to take risks. Today, this still characterizes JYSK. To grow and develop the organization, we focus on creating great strategies so that JYSK remains attractive, sharp and dynamic for customers as well as employees," says President and CEO Jan Bøgh.


While continuous performance evaluation and optimization is a vital part of everyday life, JYSK embarks on the comprehensive process of evaluating and updating the strategy every three years. This involves deep involvement from the entire organisation as well as thorough analysis of current and potential customer needs showcasing both strengths and weaknesses of the business. The preparatory work for the major strategy updates takes place over the course of approximately 15 months.  In the video from JYSK, some of the strategic initiatives from the last seven years are highlighted.

"We are a professional business with highly engaged employees in stores, distribution centers and head offices in each country. Neither them nor I ever rest on the laurels," adds Jan Bøgh. And as JYSK employees often quote Jan Bøgh: "Growth is never done."

If you are curious to get a sneak peek into the engine room at JYSK, you can watch the video here.