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Impressions speak louder than words

October 2021

Impressions speak louder than words

With more than 500,000,000 impressions and a target group coverage of 70%, the 2021 Store 3000 campaign was a huge success for JYSK. The campaign was the largest employer branding campaign in JYSK history, and the aim was to identify potential Store Managers to join JYSK as the number of stores continues to rise worldwide.

The results, of course, were not achieved without effort. The entire campaign is based on an in-depth analysis of existing Store Managers, which was essential to the success of the campaign:

”We have never worked this deliberately with insights before and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved from our dedication to knowing and understanding the target group and basing every little detail of the campaign on that knowledge,” Michael Gade, Marketing Director, JYSK, explains.

Based on the comprehensive insights, the project group first painted a picture of the ideal Store Manager candidate, defining the target group for the campaign.


Next, they went back to the drawing board to sketch the campaign framework, developing everything from media plans to creatives centrally at the Brabrand Head Office. Among other things, a series of videos were produced, featuring actual JYSK Store Managers.

”We could have hired models to play the roles of Store Managers, but we chose to feature actual Store Managers to ensure authenticity and to get the Store Managers involved in the campaign. This campaign revolves around them and it is in a way an acknowledgement of the awesome job our Store Managers are doing today, so it was only natural for us to have them be the stars of the campaign.”

The finished sketches were then sent to the 28 countries in which the campaign was to run. The local HR departments were then responsible for colouring in the sketches and making the campaign come to life in their respective countries.

To tap into the local culture and context, the HR departments planned live events which, based on insights from the initial analysis, tapped into the interests of the target group in each country. These events were received with an overwhelming enthusiasm by existing Store Managers and, combined with the tailored content produced at the Head Office, it sparked a remarkable online engagement. To Kateryna Babenko, HR Director, JYSK, there is no doubt that the online engagement is what ensured the impressive results of the campaign:

“I am very impressed by the creativeness the local departments have shown in creating events revolving around everything from hiking to geocaching, and I am equally impressed by the engagement from JYSK employees who have participated in the events and shared their stories online. We did not ask them to share anything specific, they were just inspired to do it, and their commitment has been vital to the success of the campaign. To me, that is the thing I am most proud of looking back on this campaign.”