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Takeaway great sushi and bad plastic

October 2020

Takeaway great sushi and bad plastic

On 19 September, Danes hungry for sushi and a cleaner planet exchanged no less than 422 kg of plastic waste to discounts at Letz Sushi's restaurants. Odds and ends, bottles and bags, an old laminated driver's license and enough spare parts to build a go-kart were collected on the Pant Z day.


Pant Z was launched in connection with the World Cleanup Day and puts focus on plastic waste that is not part of the common Danish deposit system and therefore does not carry the deposit labels Pant A, Pant B and Pant C. With Pant Z, all plastic becomes valuable and more attractive for customers to handover for reuse. After Pant Z day, employees from Letz Sushi's head office took care of sorting the plastic waste and handing it over for reuse according to waste separation regulations.

Pant Z is part of Letz Sushi's campaign 'Takeaway the bad plastic', which among other things involves using biodegradable packaging as well as plans for an internal deposit system for takeaway packaging – and of course, more Pant Z days.