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Mega Mekong Move

January 2021

Mega Mekong Move

A factory of 52,000 m2 under roof. More than 1,200 new jobs. 74 production lines and 22 robot welding lines on the move. 7 months for the move. 2 hours from the international airport of Ho Chi Minh City. These are just some of the figures that make up the greatest investment in outdoor furniture manufacturer ScanCom's history: a new mega factory in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.


The figures are big, and so are the ambitions for the new factory. "We're not just moving production from one location to another. We're driven by our mantra: "Doing Business the Right Way. This means we're creating new jobs as well as increasing efficiency and capacity while striving to be frontrunners within sustainable operational excellence. This involves small steps like replacing plastic bottles with water stations for all employees. It's also about taking large steps like our ambition to harness the sunny weather in the Mekong Delta by solar powering new factories," says Lars Rudkjøbing, Group Chief Business Development Officer at ScanCom.

The new factory is an addition to ScanCom's existing manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. While current production of wood and plastic components will remain at the facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, all metal production will relocate to the new operational excellence center in the Mekong Delta.

And the final figures from the big relocation? The inauguration date of the Mekong Delta factory: 16 April 2021.