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The reincarnation of a mattress

October 2020

The reincarnation of a mattress

When the new Auping Evolve arrives this autumn, Sengespecialisten is proud to offer customers the world's very first fully circular mattress. With help from users, a tired Evolve mattress can be returned to Auping for repurposing and a new life – again and again.


Full circularity sets demands on materials as well as design. Evolve travels with a Circularity Passport that allows customers full transparency of the materials used in the mattress. The passport shows where each raw material comes from and how it will be reused. When it is time to recycle the mattress, the passport will show users how and where the mattress stops over before being decoupled and turned into a new mattress by Auping.

Sengespecialisten adds the mattress to their assortment as a step towards increased sustainability. The aim is to offer customers even more products with certifications that prove a minimal impact on the environment within all product groups.