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Lars Larsen Group Stories

October 2021

Using the past to shape the future

As the umbrella organisation several companies, the direction set by Lars Larsen Group affects more than 35,000 employees and their families across multiple countries. A responsibility that is not taken lightly, and to live up to it, Lars Larsen Group has defined a set of family values that must be reflected in every decision made in the organisation: Tradesmanship, responsibility, and growth.

Along with the establishment of the new organisation 1 February 2020, the decision was made to write down the most important values. It did not take long for the owner family to agree on three values: "We sat down together to define a common vision for Lars Larsen Group going forward. Once that was in place, the values pretty much defined themselves," Jacob Brunsborg, Chairman of the Board, Lars Larsen Group, explains and continues, "Tradesmanship is a key part of my father’s legacy. It was a backbone in his way of doing business and part of our DNA so of course that had to be part of our values – to honour him and to maintain what defines us as a group. The same goes for responsibility: As the second generation, we have been given this opportunity to carry on a legacy, and we want to do that in a way that is respectful to the communities we operate in as well as to our planet. That is why responsibility had to be one of our main values as well."


To Jesper Lund, President and CEO of Lars Larsen Group, the third value, growth, was just as inevitable as the first two: “Growth is a requisite for achieving our goals in all the businesses we own. If you are not growing, you are stalling, and in order to ensure the resilience to overcome any challenges the future may bring for our companies, it is essential for us to keep on growing. Aside from that, growth is closely tied to responsibility. It is not just about growing our businesses, it is also about contributing to growth in the societies we operate in."

Looking back at the way Lars Larsen Group has operated previous to the definition of these values, the values may not seem to have changed much. But to Jesper Lund, that is not a bad thing: “The values ended up close to the starting point, but we did not just write down what we were already doing. It was important for us that the group values express the ideals and ambitions of the second and third generation of owners; and so we tossed everything up in the air and let the second generation decide where it landed, with input from the third generation. And the fact that it landed so close to where we started just shows us that we were, and still are, headed in the right direction."

December 2020

Lars Larsen Group spreads its wings

Over the last year, numerous new initiatives have been added to the growth story of Lars Larsen Group. Now, the time has come for a relaunch of the Group's website. When winds of change blow, strong roots and solid family values come to be a great match with windsurfing skills.


The new website introduces Lars Larsen Group, formerly known as JYSK Holding, with a mix of business facts, key figures, news and stories from the Group and its business areas. Chairman of the Board, Jacob Brunsborg has been a driving force behind previous as well as current investments and initiatives in Lars Larsen Group. "Lars Larsen Group is based on our shared family values: tradesmanship, responsibility and growth. The new website provides insight into how these values are at the heart of everything we do. Also, it allows us to send a signal that Lars Larsen Group is more than JYSK. JYSK is the backbone and the reason we are able to grow and invest, but Lars Larsen Group consists of several companies and investments that are all important," says Jacob Brunsborg.

The new initiatives in Lars Larsen Group have come to life through a close cooperation between Jacob Brunsborg, the Board and Jesper Lund, President and CEO at Lars Larsen Group. "With the new website, we want to open up and increase the awareness of Lars Larsen Group. To provide insight and show the volume and diversity of the business areas. To show the growth and development in our portfolio as well as new initiatives within sustainability. And most importantly, to demonstrate that even though we are renewing and rethinking, our roots and values as a family-owned business are strong. A handshake with Lars Larsen Group is still a handshake," says Jesper Lund.

And the windsurfing skills? They are brought to the table by Jesper Lund, who used to practice windsurfing in his younger days. Nowadays, the surfboard on the windy and wavy ocean has been exchanged with work on the executive board of Lars Larsen Group. And catching the next perfect wave relies less on weather and luck and more on the skillful, carefully chosen organisation that shapes Lars Larsen Group