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Dreamers and doers unite

At CityHub Copenhagen, you can spend the night in a bunkbed without ever seeing or hearing your bunkmate. The innovative sleeping pods layer guests to maximise space and minimise costs. played an essential part in creating the common areas where travellers can grab anything from a drink with friends at the self-service bar to a nice shower in the decorative, shared bathing and toilet facilities. The result is probably one of the most innovative overnight experiences you will find in Copenhagen, combining the best of hostel life with privacy and comfort.

As soon as you walk in the door at CityHub Copenhagen, it is clear to see that the place was designed by some unusually creative minds. But how do you go from visionary ideas to brick and mortar? For Spacon & X, who are the architects behind CityHub Copenhagen, the answer was


While Spacon & X dreamed up their ideal designs, took on the task of doing all of the estimations and calculations necessary to ensure that all ideas were functional and viable, and to find alternative solutions to the ones that were not. And with every single product in the project being custom made, had their work cut out for them.

After careful preparations, built everything from toilet facilities to lounge areas, kitchens and office areas. Even though it was their first time building restrooms, the team faced the task head on, and the final result is one that Sales Manager at, Peter Gissemann, is very proud of today: "This project goes to show how far we can go, when we combine the creative and visionary minds of architects with our vast knowledge of functionality and attainability."

Thanks to the synergetic collaboration between Spacon & X and, cash-stretching travellers can now enjoy a comfortable and innovative overnight stay at CityHub Copenhagen.

Creating space for you to enjoy life

Your home is your first place. Your work is your second place. creates your third place. Coined by urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, the 'third place' term refers to places outside your home or your work where you can have a good time, connect with others and relax.


In 2020, the interior design companies ID Design Project and Interior Direct merged. The merger called for a new name to underline the business purpose: to create comfortable and welcoming spaces. The chosen name,, carries a clear reference to the 30 year old sociology term both in form and content.

Despite a new name, continues to serve customers of all sizes with advice and assistance in designing and decorating hotels, holiday resorts, hostels, student accomodations and much more.